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While I make theatre for a variety of venues, I am also a scholar, looking for the why and how behind what we do in the theatre and the way we perform in everyday life. 

Kutiyattam Project


In conjunction with my collegue, Dr. Arnab Banerji, we have built and continue to improve a working Kutiyattam theatre in the virtual world, Inworldz. This space allows students to explore the space while giving them the experience of walking through the performance space for this endangered theatrical form.


In the future, Dr. Banerji and I would like to catalogue and create a virtual representation for all of the remainging 12 Kutiyattam theatres in India. 


ASTR Working Group


It's been my pleasure to serve as one of the conveners for the Pregnancy, Maternity, and Birth Working Group for the annual American Society for Theatre Research conference from 2013 to the present. This working group has served to bring together scholars from across the world on a topic understudied in our profesion. We start with performance, letting the performance guide our scholarship and conversation.


To read my own work from this conference, click here and here.


I am always pleased when I can contribute to the scholarly conversation regarding performance. I have been published in Theatre Journal and Ecumenica, and I am also included in two edited volumes, The Immersive Internet: Reflections on the Entangling of the Virtual with Society, Politics and the Economy and the forthcoming Open/Closed Worlds. 


Please contact me for further information on these publications.

Can I inspire your students? Let's Talk.​

Alicia is awesome!! She is so enthusiastic and really cares about all of her students. I never wanted to miss that class, and most of the other students felt the same way. I think almost everyone got an A and I highly recommend her class!

-Student Testimonial

Most Likely to Believe in the Underdog

-Award given to me by a student

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